Welcome to the Midwest Knitters Blog Ring

The Midwest Knitters Blog Ring is for knitters and spinners that are current or former residents of any of the Midwest or Plains states.

I'm looking for someone to take over the Midwest Knitters Blog Ring. Life has just become too busy to keep up this ring. If you're interested please contact me through my contact page on my blog.

A tip while you're waiting to become active: Clicking on "Activate" on Ringsurf will not add your blog to the members' list of the ring.

There are three top problem amongst new members, please check your blog to make sure this isn't a reason for not being accepted into the ring.
1. Do not copy ring code from another blog. The member ID in the code will be incorrect for your blog and your blog will fail code check. Please copy the code directly from Ringsurf for the correct code for your blog.
2. For your blog to be approved, the ring code must be on your blog. If it's not on the blog, I can't approve you for the ring.
3. You have less than three posts on your blog before applying. If you only have one post, you'll be waiting in the queue until you've posted at least three times.

1. You must be a current or former resident of the Midwest or Plains states with a blog.

2. You must be a knitter, spinner or someone with fiber-related activities.

3. The ring code must be correct and must be visible on the page where your blog is located.

4. Please have more than three posts on your blog before applying. If you only have one post, you'll be waiting in the queue until you've posted at least three times.

5. You may create a button for the ring, it must be approved prior to display on your blog. Please email me the link to your new button.

6. Save the ring image on YOUR own web site server or photo album. Directly using the image saved on my server will get your site deleted.

7. You must update your blog at least once a month. Failing to do so will cause your blog to be moved to the queue. If you have been moved to the queue, please email me when you have updated your blog. If you will be out of town or unable to update your blog for a month, please be courteous and leave such a note on your blog, if this is the case, you will not be moved to the queue.

8. If you are moved to the queue because your blog has failed a monthly code check, your blog will be moved to the queue. If you sit in the queue longer than two weeks, I will delete you and you'll have to rejoin.

9. PLEASE use a VALID email address when registering. Otherwise, all ring related email is returned to me and I have no other way to contact you except leaving comments on your blog, which is very time consuming for me.

There seems to be a problem with AOL email addresses. The submissions with AOL email addresses are getting returned to me. Please be aware that you may not receive a confirmation if you have an AOL address. If you have an AOL email address, I will have to leave you a comment on your blog to let you know that you've been approved until the problems with AOL email have been solved.

I hate having to enforce these rules, but with the ring growing quickly they are necessary.

Thank you to Heidi, Karen and Paula for their help in creating some of the buttons.
Please copy the image and save it on your site.

If you have any problems getting code up on your site or just need some general blog assistance, please feel free to email me at midwestknit [AT] gmail [DOT] com (changing the AT and DOT appropriately). If I can't assist you, I will find someone who can.

Who is a member? See member list

If you would like to join, sign up here.

Thanks. Erica

Friday, May 20, 2005

Newest members

Welcome to our newest members.


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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

New members

I'm a bit behind on welcoming our newest members. We've reached a number I didn't expect - over 60.

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